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Evaluation Services

Participate in testing to receive a written report with conclusions and recommendations.


What is a psychological evaluation?

In an evaluation, a series of assessment activities take place over several sessions. Specific activities will vary based on the evaluation question and might include:

  1. Interviews (with the client and important people in their life)

  2. Questionnaires

  3. Psychological testing (cognitive, memory, academic, behavioral, and/or social/emotional)

Written reports with psychological diagnoses and specific recommendations are provided to, and reviewed with, each client. 

Why get an evaluation?

You may want a psychological evaluation if you are eager to identify explanations and recommendations for challenges related to:


  • Attention

  • Hyperactivity

  • Learning

  • Behavior

  • Complex mood and anxiety symptoms

  • Personality concerns


Reports can sometimes assist people pursuing accommodations through school or work.

Childs Pyschologist

Who do we evaluate?

VPS evaluates children, adolescents and adults. We are proud to be one of the only clinics in the state to accept insurance for all age groups.

VPS also provides specialty evaluations for people in underserved populations through forensic evaluations, asylum seeker evaluations, and autism spectrum disorder evaluations. If you are seeking one of these three kinds of evaluations, please specify this when you contact VPS so we can make sure to put you on the correct waitlist.

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