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About VPS

Vermont Psychological Services  (VPS) is a non-profit outpatient mental health clinic and training facility for the University of Vermont clinical psychology doctoral program. VPS provides services to children and adults in the greater Burlington area, throughout the state of Vermont, and New York State. Services are provided by clinicians who are obtaining their PhDs under the supervision of licensed clinical psychologists. 

Evidence-Based Practice

VPS utilizes evidence-based practice (EBP), which integrates the following components to provide high-quality services that reflect the values, needs, and choices of the clients we serve:

Expert Opinion

Family Picnic

Client/Caregiver Perspective


External Scientific Validation/


Mission Statement

Vermont Psychological Services was established in 1972 and has served over 15,000 clients since that time. Though much has changed since the clinic's inception, two fundamental aims have remained consistent:


To train clinical psychology graduate students in providing high quality psychological services utilizing the scientist-practitioner model to assure each client receives the most effective, empirically-supported clinical interventions.


To provide high quality, evidence-based psychological services to the widest range of individuals possible, particularly those who identify as part of a historically underserved population (e.g., low-income individuals, families in conflict, new Americans/refugees, individuals struggling with addiction, and individuals identifying as LGBTQ+).

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